A brief update to confirm I ran the Phoenix Riverside Marathon event last weekend (19/11), this was the 3rd run of the 4 ‘Firebird Series’ events which promises a nice big medal at the end.. and we all like the odd big medal from time to time.

I’ve written enough race reports on this event so people will hopefully be familiar with the 4 lap ‘out and back’ format along the Thames Path.

With a recent entry to a 24 hour track race in Barcelona mid-December both this event and next weeks Wendover Woods 50 were downgraded to ‘training run’ status so the plan was to enjoy a 90% effort type race. I’ve not really run anything quick for months so whilst my endurance is building up, I’m lacking short sharp efforts.

The morning of the race saw heavy rainfall in the early hours so the course was wet and muddy in places and I wrapped up warm for the run.

I set out at a comfortably quick pace (i.e. a pace I could hold the entire race) and my plan had been to run the first well at a bit of an effort and then ease off every lap… almost a lazy marathon effort.

However, I just ended up maintaining the same sort of pace for Lap 2, 3 and 4 and it was only the last couple of miles where my legs were starting to ache a bit but it was close to the finish and I could stomp out the last section.

I finished in 3.12.40 in 6th place out of about 90 runners and the run felt fairly comfortable overall. It was also nice to see a few familiar faces on the run.

Thanks to Rik Vercoe and volunteers for hosting the event today. The final event of the Firebird Series takes place between Xmas & New Year so looking forward to collecting the ‘huge’ Firebird Medal at the end of the year.

Event website here and race results can be found here