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First Father Daughter Run

2014 Paul Ali 01

A quick blog to record the moment that my daughter Annabelle and I went out for our first run together…. at her request!

We didn’t run very far and it was a bit of a “sprint interval session” (i.e. sprint walk, sprint walk) but it felt pretty cool. I was “chicked” at the end of our short run as she dashed for home.

Perhaps a Parkrun beckons in the near future?

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2014 Race Plans and the Endure 24?

So two blogs in two days, you lucky people you.

We are nearly half way through January and for a person who likes to plan races and events quite well in advance I haven’t yet blogged about my forthcoming race calendar for the year. Obviously, my calendar was organised months ago but some of you (my wife) might be interested in what I’m up to this year.

As with most people there’s the bucket list of events which you fancy undertaking and this list gets longer and longer each year as you find out about new and interesting event and broaden your horizons.

My current plan was to try out a lot of the 100 mile plus races around the UK. 100 mile races are pretty challenging events and there seems to be more of them appearing each year so this seems like a good challenge to keep me occupied for a few years. Spartathlon has given me a bit of a taste of an epic foreign run but largely due to time out and cost these are going to be the very occasional event.

I do enjoy the really long runs (obviously not during the run) but get some  satisfaction about completing these about a week later when the aches and pains have finally settled down and you can walk normally. So it was quite pleasing to tick off the longest (The Thames Ring) last year. 150 miles plus is the new 100 miles as they say, well they don’t say it but you’re all thinking it now.  I also have a few favourite runs and do try and take part in my “local” ultra’s largely down to the convenience and they’re all pretty great events (and they’re all flat).

However, there’s plenty more runs out there and a few tough long runs which I haven’t yet tackled including the Hardmoors 160 and pretty much all of Mark Cockbain events and if you haven’t tackled a Cockbain event then you can’t really be considered a proper ultra runner, can you?

The problem is that you can’t fit in all the events that are taking place and have to be a bit more selective due to cost, time out and the training and recovery between each year. Therefore, I have ignored all that advice and signed up to the following events this year.

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