This brief report was written about 12 months after the run took place.

Following knee surgery in August, I had completed my rehab and targeted an end of year marathon. I believe that I had retained some earlier year (pre-op) fitness which was enough to see me through the event.

The run itself took place in Dec 21 and was organised by Rik from Phoenix Running and was the usual enthusiastic but low-key affair (which I enjoy) following an out and back route along the Thames Path.

The run itself went pretty well finishing in 3.23, I could have benefitted from trail shoes as it was a little muddy on the route in parts and a slight risk of slipping but no complaints over the time.

However, my knee did not feel comfortable at all after the run and I suspected my rest and recovery was required before I tackled distance events.

(Update: I actually required a second knee operation which after diagnosis eventually took place in Jun 22)