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2021 Round Reading Ultra Marathon (RRUM)

I decided on a late entry into the Reading Round Ultra Marathon, a local 50k race which circuits Reading on the basis that I wanted to finish at least one ultra marathon distance race this year (with the upcoming knee operation).

I was joined by Paul Beechey and we had organised similar start times so we could start the run together.

The short version of the report is that we had a steady run around the course together finishing in 4.18. It was good to see Beechey is on his way back from injury and our first event run together for absolutely ages. 

There were a few minor adjustments to the course route but these were well marked and the race was ran without issues. The finishing segment through the park was a better route at the end rather than through the streets of Sonning.

That’s probably the last race report in a while as the knee operation is due next week and there will be a period of rest, recovery and rehab before I can hopefully start running again. 

Race results here

Pictured with Paul Beechey post race.

One Response to “2021 Round Reading Ultra Marathon (RRUM)”

  1. Nick Steward

    Wishing you a speedy recovery from you Knee op. All the best Paul.


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