A fairly short write up to publicly record my failure (DNF) at the 2021 GUCR.

Training for the event had been inconsistent with continued niggles for a number of months (and a comedy and pulled muscle which put me out of action for a couple of weeks in March) and despite regular mileage each week since the start of the year, training could be assessed ‘going through the motions’ rather than being ‘on it’.  

I had been having regular chiropractic treatment for the knee and pelvis issues but felt I had sufficient training under my belt to complete (not compete) and set out with tempered ambitions. A finish would be fine this year.

I set out at a very easy pace and ran most of the first 50 miles or so before an issue with the right knee slowed me to a jog-walk then a walk and eventually a hobble. I made it to just before the 100 mile checkpoint where I retired (and thanks to Sue & Bob for the lift to the CP).

Disappointed with my first DNF at this event (which makes an 8-1 record) but I didn’t think I would make it to the end. However, the positive was that there was clearly not something right with the knee and this did prompt me to get my knee checked out. Following an MRI scan it appears I require an arthroscopy procedure on the right knee. 

This is something that has troubled me for the last few years to some degree and whilst it’s nice to know there’s something I can fix, it doesn’t excuse the sub par efforts or lack of motivation in previous races either.

The plan is to have the procedure, undertake the necessary rehabilitation and then see what the prognosis (and motivation) is for training again so I’m afraid the blog will be quiet for some time. See you in 2022 maybe 😉

Pictured with Alex and Mark at the start.