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2017 Run Until You Drop Challenge

Run Until You Drop’ is a running or walking challenge where participants aim to cover a number of miles or kilometres each day in February equal to the day of the month. In simple terms this starts with 1 mile or 1 km from the 1st of Feb and goes all the way up to 28 miles or kilometres on the last day of the month. Runs and walks can also be split during the day but you have to complete the required distance each day.

The heart of the event is on the Facebook Group page which can be found at the following link

We have nearly 600 members of the group of which 90% of the people follow (i.e. take some enjoyment from seeing the misery of) the efforts of the remaining 10%. The event is an honesty based challenge so there’s no formal tracking and people tend to post their progress on the group pages.

This was the third year of the event and we saw the return of a few previous years survivors alongside a few new faces for 2017.

For me personally, after two years of slogging out the miles I had decided to just ‘play along’ with the kilometres..

Week 1

The first week was seemed pretty straightforward from Wednesday 1st to Sunday the 5th with 1 to 5 miles or kilometres to be completed although Andrew Woodrow provided an account of his epic first run as follows:

“Rolled out of bed and into my aerodynamic running suit. Swallowed a couple of gels and headed out into the dark. It was 2 degrees, sub-zero with the slight windchill effect from the east.

I headed east and downhill for an easy start. So far, so good. Surprising an early morning dog-walker, I rounded a corner and ran south along a long flat section. By the time I got the half way mark, at the bottom of a hill rising 9 metres from its base, I was beginning to wish I had arranged a crew. A bacon butty would have gone down really well right now.

Undaunted I continued on up, past some roadworks. Cresting the ridge, I turned north again. The final sprint, this was it. Rounding the final corner I realised to my horror that a single lap of the block was not going to be enough. I had to battle on past my house for a further 30 metres before stopping the clock.

Exhausted, I limped back to my front door. It’s difficult to think about doing the double tomorrow”.

So that’s one mile done then.

I should add a special mention to Mark Woodhall for completing the challenge in January and making it all the way from Day 1 to Day 31 but as he totally got the month wrong it totally doesn’t count.

Most of the comments from the first few days were of optimism and bravado. There was some fighting talk from Al Graham with a post stating “1km done. Bring in 2km!” Chris Basford from the US reported 1 mile in the bank at 6m/m pace and the plan was to hold that pace for the rest of the month to save time. Now who said Americans can’t do sarcasm?

Huw Williams posted early February that he was not intending to take part this year but has run every day so far. Bold words indeed… on the 2nd February.

Rob Kelly reported Day 2 complete with a “Dog Walk and Run Until You Drop effort”… and who said men can’t multi task? Kate Hayden managed to top this with a “Dog Walk and Newspaper round delivery with the kids” effort.

Dave Fawkner and Mark Fox were doing there best to run to the mile precisely although Dave overcooked it on Day 2 with a 2.02 miles. He’s going to pay big time for that.

Bang on, as they say.

Returning RUYD survivor Frank Womelsdorf was back within an interval session on Day 2 in which he accurately summed up the run as ‘probably the last non-junk miles of the month’.

Rachel Lee Johnson decided the best way to motivate yourself to run was to buy some new running shoes and off she went.

Ashley Miller reported 10miles on the 1st, 8 on the 2nd and 6 miles on the 3rd. By her rules in Week 4 she just needs to walk to the bathroom to get the distance done by that rate. I’m sure that she hadn’t read the rules probably as it’s meant to get harder and not easier.

Tucked away in the comments section of someone’s post was a message from Diane Maki who added ‘every mile is a milestone’ for me. It was a lovely comment that summed up the personal nature of the challenge. For some people just making it past Week 1 or Week 2 was the goal and not everyone has the time or ability to complete the full challenge so well done Diane however far you go.

Laura Carver completed Day 3 and then wondered how she was going to manage the next 7 Days.. whlist on holiday in Mexico. Yes, we’re all really feeling for you here in a wet, cold and miserable United Kingdom.

Michael Lunn wondered how long it would take before people had to split the runs.. although Day 4 was probably a little bit early to start thinking about that.

The 4th February was also the date of a local 48 mile ultra race a few of us in the UK take part in. I was pleased this takes place in the early part of February otherwise it could have been a bit of a struggle. The race went well with a PB for the course and Top 10 finish meant the RUYD effort was already paying huge dividends this year! I should add a special mention to fellow RUYD runners Ken Hughes and Paul Beechey who also took part.

Keith Page got it all wrong by running 5k on Day 4 and the whole internet laughed at him.

Andrea Stewart gave us a scare when she declared “Knocked Out Day 5” which meant she had complete Day 5 and had not been ‘knocked out’ of the challenge.

As we approached the end of Week 1, Frank Womelsdorf offered the group some sage advice with his “Take the opportunity to wash all your kit whilst you’re in single digits”

Week 2

We arrived at Week 2 with no reported early drops. The next 7 days say the mileage rise from 6 to 12 miles or kilometres.

My running buddy Paul Stout was also getting involved as part of his injury rehab although his posts to me were alternating between love and hate judging by the days run. You don’t have to do this you know!

One or two people were getting their partners involved in the challenge. If I ever suggested to my wife that we should go out for a run then I’m pretty certain there would only be one answer but in this age of wearable health devices if I asked her if she wanted to add a few more ‘steps’ to her daily total then should would probably be up for it. Jennifer Beach mentioned her husband joined her on her walk today. I wonder what the equivalent bribe is to get a male partner out? Beer? Sport on TV all night?

Tracy Smith was starting to split the runs to fit them around work with the words ‘determined not to let work get in the way and defeat me’.

Jim Hopkins was ticking along nicely with regular updates and Robert Lee told us that ‘it took a lot to get me motor going today, but eventually it purred’… and what about the running Rob?

Laura Carver was still covering the distance in sunny Mexico with laps of the beach but mentioned a ‘beach blister’. Nope, sorry, still no sympathy from me.

Julie Lee posted followed by Lee Hill (nice segue) to confirm things were ticking along quite nicely.

Rachel Lee Johnson offered some advice that we should’t eat banana pudding before you run. Trust me. Sounds messy or uncomfortable or both so we will leave it there I think.

Whilst we were still dreaming of sunny Mexico (grrrr), John Wallace was updating us on the snowfalls in his locality and the hours each day he spent plowing all the roads and trails just so he could go for a run later.

As we were midway through Week 2 we were once again reminded that some people were trying this challenge out for the first time and did not considered themselves regular runners or walkers. Jennifer Beach was already pushing herself past her comfort zone but was still in the game so far. Excellent effort, well done.

The first signs of injury were appearing with a mention of dodgy knees in Week 2 (not by me, I should hasten to add) and then the forum mood was lifted when Christian Mowbray joined in the conversation with a witty “Week 1 done, so far so good. The next three are the easy ones right?” Oh, how we chuckled at that one.

We had a rules question over whether walking in a round of Golf counts. Well if it’s walking or running, sure why not as long as you are not using RUYD as an excuse to your partner to play golf with your mates.

Unfortunately on 7th of February we had the first notification of a drop with Wendy Lewis suffering ‘man-flu’. If it had just been ‘flu’ then we may have said just ‘man up’ but as it was the most potent and virulent ‘man-flu’ version of this illness then we will let you off. Bad luck Wendy.

Finally, Laura Carver dropped on Day 8 after finally realising that holidaying in Mexico is far more fun than walking and running. No, we were totally NOT jealous about seeing the fab holiday pictures.

Definitely not jealous at all.

Paula Olson dropped on Day 8 as ‘life just got in the way’. Fair enough.

Adrian Colwill informed us he was dropping down from miles to kilometres due to University commitments. He wouldn’t be the last person to do this in February, RUYD is just as much as a time management exercise as it is walking/running.

Michael Lord posted he was still going although it was hard work getting off the sofa tonight. Shall I do it? “Praise the Lord, he’s still going!”

Michiel Hoefsmit was having doubts due to travel and valentines plans and Michael Lunn kindly offered this classic piece of football managers advice with “take every day as it comes”. A whole generation of 80’s Footballer Managers would be proud of you for that line.

My local running buddy Paul Beechey was still in and we had started making plans for some evening runs together in the last week which would be good to have some company. I even changed my haircut day to earlier in the month just so I had a free lunchtime later in the month for some extra miles when I needed it. Did I say miles… dammit got suckered into the mileage game again.

JP Caudill was ticking along nicely following the kilometer challenge.

“JP on a run” (Photo taken by his 2 inch tall running buddy squirrel)

Ken Hughes cut it fine with a 9pm run on the 8th Feb to keep himself in the game and then Samuel Bolton trumped him with a “Just made it!” post at 11pm at night.

Sonja Bierton posted what we were all thinking with a “If only I could add the extra miles onto another day”. A very nice thought but not really the challenge.

John Wallace was still suffering from snow fall issues and ended up having to run repeats through a small plowed section of a side road. Good improvisation John.

Former RUYD mile machine James Moore was still in although time was starting to become a pinch point and his partner had started to see through his constant “Lets go for another romantic stroll together” line.

Seko was still smiling, Baker was still in after long work hours and wintry conditions and Lunn reported his first split day on the 9th.

Andy Woodrow was now enjoying some runs in Denmark which looked very picturesque including this fantastic shot of the E47/E55 Motorway. One of the all time classics from the RUYD facebook group in terms of the story it tells and its artistic style

A master class in photography from Woodrow.

The other good news was that Diane Maki was still in and it was Day 9, fabulous.

Michiel admitted defeat on Day 9 as he hadn’t tracked his distance. Thankfully, this still gave him 4 more days to plan his Valentines Day. Dave Fawkner also dropped this day with a tale of ‘no enthusiasm’ although the 40 mile run a few days ago may have been a factor.

Alan van Zandt was still ticking along with a periodic update. He described the first 10 days as the easy part and was looking forward to the rest of the challenge.

There was an interesting update from Graham Johnston stating that he had completed to a number of post half marathon recovery days with a split of walks and golf before getting back to running in the park and he was “Still, In. The. Game.” (You have to say that in your head in the Electronic Arts video game voice)

We also had a few others following along but not posting regularly as David Martin who checked in to say he was still “in” and J.T. Hardy popped in to say “Hi” aswell as Kat Beatty.

Things were starting to get tougher towards the end of Week 2 but there was some salvation with a weekend (and extra time to look forward to). Rachel Lee Johnston was fighting sickness but still knocking out the distance on a treadmill. Chris Basford was fitting runs around busy working days and cold and windy conditions.

Diane was still going, Day 11.

Former RUYD hero Mark Bissett was still working out how RUYD fitted into his Sub 3 hour marathon training plan. Trust me Mark, I’ve got a plan to make this work…

Here’s a photo I liked of the family out (below) at night getting the last miles done. Great effort guys!

Gordon Hughes was still checking in with his amusing pictures and videos. The 11th Feb will be forever be known as 2 coat day.

Tim Clapp was still ticking along. I was really hoping he would finish so I could use the line “Well done Tim Clapp, let’s give him a round of applause everyone”

There were no reported drops on the 11th or 12th February as we headed into Week 3.

Week 3

There were a few issues to report at the start of Week 3 (Monday 13th to Sunday 19th) with Jim Hopkins hip flexor giving him some grief and me finally realisng there were two ‘Dave Lewis’s’ on the forum. I kept thinking I saw different people but put it down to too many early mornings runs making me feel tired.

We also witnessed some controversy with the “Bush-gate” scandal where Mark Bisset was forced to drop to ensure he had sufficient time to cut the hedgerow in the garden. I’ve seen a lot of excuses at a lot of events over the years but without beating around the bush, I was stumped with this one and we had to ask Mark to leaf the forum after this act of high tree-son.

“The Bush-gate” affair.

Day 14 is Valentine’s Day in the UK. Thankfully, we all love running or walking and so the game carried on. In the spirit of the day Gordon Hughes posted this lovely and thoughtful Valentines message for the forum which went..

“Roses are red, my toenails are blue

I’m still in at the moment

And hopefully you are too”

There were more than a few grumbles on the forum about aches, pains, the weather, the early mornings but enough from me… let’s see how everyone else felt. Actually much the same and a few people started to drop.

Jennifer Beach didn’t manage to get the miles due to a day of paperwork, taxes and family stuff (fair enough) and we had to say goodbye.

Samuel Bolton was getting very inventive logging some miles on his work travels by walking up and down train platforms and then trying to walk up and down the train aisles for extra mileage (I would hate to see the mess that would make on Strava with a moving train).

Graham Johnston cut if fine by giving up and then changing his mind and finishing his last km’s by 23.59 on the 15th, phew.

Unfortunately, we saw Diane Maki drop after 15 glorious days of effort due to personal circumstances. Well done Diane, I know this was a new challenge for you and you did fantastically well. I should also point out that Diane also kept active on the forums encouraging everyone for the rest of the event so if there was a MVP award for this event, my vote would go to Diane.

Day 16 saw Julie Lee drop with a stomach virus aswell as my buddy Paul Stout who was feeling the effects of his previous ankle injury and decided to be sensible and stop there. Kat Beatty also dropped today as did Andy Woodrow.

Kate Hayden was still going but had dropped down to kilometres to save her shins and knees as had Simon Bennet a couple of days earlier.

My claim to fame on Day 16 was running in the same kit 3 times in one day. I could claim I was trying to save the planet by washing less but I actually just forgot some extra kit. Apologies to my family..

Day 17 and things were continuing to unravel. Keith Paige was halted in his tracks by a sandstorm and Graham Johnston was stuck at the airport waiting for his flight to land at 23:00 with 9.5km still to complete. Michael Lunn also reported he was out as did Mark Fox because.. wait for it.. “Couldn’t be arsed”. Unfortunately Gordon Hughes also dropped as did Dave Baker and Christian Mowbray.

It was a bad day for the team with a number of drops but Keith Paige did manage to get his run done after the Sandstorm passed.

Day 18 and Kevin Hollings was in new territory having dropped on Day 17 on the past two years. Unfortunately Paul Beechey dropped before my very eyes as he picked up an injury whilst on the last mile of our Saturday morning run together, man down! Man down!

Unfortunately Graham Johnston also dropped today as did Dave Lewis (Shrewsbury Dave not mozzadog Dave).

Time management was becoming an issue and we had all sorts of reports of midnight, early morning (like 4am) and late night runs with people trying to find the time to get it done. However, Seko seemed to be ticking along quite nicely in his usual casual manner.

Day 19 saw Samuel Bolton drop with the honest assessment that he was tired and not mentally strong enough to keep going after the nearly 3 week effort. Well done Samuel, great effort to get to Day 19.

Unfortunately Graeme (aka Jennifer) Roberts also dropped as did Jan Carstens.

Week 4

Welcome to “Hell Week” the biggest of the weeks running from Monday 20th Feb to Sunday 26th Feb and 161 miles or kilometres to be completed. Hello 5am runs, how are you?

A quick roll call revealed the following people were still ‘in’ and posting periodically: Jim Hopkins, Tim Clapp, Phil Smith, Jon Errington, Seko Francis, Craigy Norris, Robert Lee, Andrea Stewart, Kevin Hollings, Rachel Lee Johnson, Paul Gilbertsen (& Chloe), Jennifer Roberts, JT Hardy, John Price, Chris Basford, Kay L Scott, Carole Hollingsworth Alexa Jury and Kate Hayden

James Moore was still trying to convince the missus that he loved these long romantic walks but 20 miles around London without going into any shops was taking it too far!

Marissa Harris dropped from miles to km on the 20th.

Chris Basford assessed the event as follows on the 21st. So far, it seems like the challenge is in:

1. Schedule

2. Injury / sickness prevention

3. Mental break down / will to continue.

Seems about right to me. Carry on, carry on.

Keith Page dropped here due to timing issues on a busy day as did Dave Martin. Well done chaps.

On the 22nd Andrea Stewart still reported as being “in” but also gave us some news that one of her friends had also been following unofficially but walking the miles. Who was this mysterious person?

On the 23rd Storm Doris hit the UK which meant windy conditions which created some travel disruption. Kate Hayden dropped on the 23rd as did Simon Bennet due to the aforementioned travel issues. Jim Hopkins also bowed out to taper before a weekend race aswell. Well done guys.

Andrea revealed the mysterious stranger as fellow friend Skeeter Whitman who had been out walking from 2am to get his miles done. No Facebooking, no contact, no pictures, in fact we wouldn’t have even known about him unless Andrea had mentioned him. He was doing the challenge, just to see if he could do it with no fanfare whatsoever. WHAT A TOTAL LEGEND! Skeeter is also a sexagenarian.

Day 25 and some relief that we had a weekend to cover the miles. I had decided to get these done in one go on the Saturday and Sunday and after a 4 hour plod each day at least had both afternoons to recover.

Thanks to John Wallace for keeping the forum ticking over with the Question of the Day. It was good to read a bit more about the RUYD forumites.

Unfortunately James Moore dropped on Day 25 with a Calf/Achilles injury and to carry on would have been painful. Sorry to hear that  James, see you next year?

Crawl James.. crawl.. keep going…

Unfortunately Kay dropped from miles to kilometres on the 26th due to time commitments as did Adrian Colwill. Well done guys!

The Final 2 Days

Hell week was over we still had about a dozen people left in the game and there were just two horrible days to go, a 27 and a 28 mile day.

There were no reported drops on the Monday as everyone went about their business logging the distance and then we finally arrived at the last day. A day many of us had been dreaming about so long ago.

As the forums were checked throughout the day we got news of each of our finishers with Carole Hollingsworth being one of the early finishers as well as (Shrewsbury) Dave Lewis and mozzadog aswell (is that his real name?)

With the finishers names periodically being reported in we had a post from Craigy Norris at 5pm asking if anyone else still had 28 miles to run that evening? Oh how we laughed at poor old Craigy as we allowed our battered and tired bodies collapse on the sofa but we all secretly crossed our fingers hoping he would get it done (he did).

Yo Adrian, I did it!

The RUYD challenge was taking its toll on people but with the finish line in sight a few people gutted out a finish. Of particular note was John Wallace who got sick for the last 3 days which meant it took him twice as long to complete his distance each day. Well done John.

On a personal note I was very happy to complete a “Three-peat” of the mileage challenge but the last few days were a real drag with no energy in the legs and a few niggles creeping in. So it’s definitely kilometres next year.. definitely!

The worst news came from Chris Basford who reported that his ankle blew up with 13 miles remaining on the last day and he didn’t want to risk damaging it any further. It was a sensible decision from Chris but absolutely gutting although he does win the “Warwick Gooch award for 2017” for the last drop so close to the finish (reference to a prior year drop).

As the day ended we had our final list of finishers to which we should all say huge congratulations for your efforts during the month. Here is the list of 2017 finishers. (If I’ve missed anyone out then please let me know and I will update the list)

Finishers – Mile Machine (9)

Paul Ali

John Price

Tim Clapp

Phil Smith

Seko Francis

Andrea Stewart

Skeeter Whitman

Jonathon Errington

Craigy Norris

Finishers – Kilo Heroes (8)

John Wallace Jr

David Lewis

Kevin Hollings

Paul Gilberston

Chloe Sellwood

JP Caudill

Kay L Scott

Marissa Harris

Carole Hollingsworth

The Aftermath

I asked the members of the RUYD forum to post their thoughts on the challenge whether they finished or not and I have simply repeated the feedback here from those people who were kind enough to post.

(Phil Smith) “Started felt great, ran some and hurt all over. Had to man up and got the job done”.

(James Moore) “Started good looking for double km after completing miles last year. Took last 5 work days off work to allow for distance easily. Came in with mild injury. Walking to work and mixing tredmill and walking led to good progress and injury sorted. Annoyed the Mrs with a 6 hour walk around London one day to get the miles in she seemed more scared of the swans in the park than the silly amount of miles! All came apart thanks to parkrun the last weekend of the month which caused injury that was not one to walk/run through and failure to make distance on the Saturday.”

(Dave Baker) “Completed 14 days and covered more than the required number of miles each day. Climbed 4,000 mtrs in the 14 days so well happy overall. Stopped as Day 15 was Wife’s 50th birthday and she was more important that day. Well done to all who completed.

(Al Graham) Having seen this at the last minute, and coming into it unprepared and not very fit I got to complete up to day 14 (in km). Part of me is really chuffed that I got that far, but part of me is annoyed that I didn’t get further (work and tired thighs got in the way!). Having seen some of the strategies employed by others, I’m going to make sure that my diary is rearranged for next year and that I am in better shape going into it. I’m also going to hope for more sunny days because plodding around Oxfordshire in the glurk was a bit demotivating when seeing some of the amazing pics from around the world. Bring it on for 2018! This is a great challenge and a really supportive group.

(Kevin Hollings) Not the best of lead ups to this year’s RUYD as I spent most of Jan with Chicken pox (I have pictures but you probably don’t want to see them) easy few days gave me a little more time to recover, a few extra rules I set for myself was that I would always do the days distance as one specific activity and always before work and always in shorts, having dropped the last 2 years on days 17 it was good to get over that hurdle this year, as some may be aware I have not run for almost 4 years now due to a ongoing back issue and tears in both hips, I had some new back treatment in Nov/Dec but was unable to do the required physio due to the Chicken pox but I did find that my back was a little easier during the early days of the challenge, walking most days pain free, but as the KM’s ramped up the pain gradually came back, the week of hell was quite a painful affair, finished the last couple of days with man flu, had it been a leap year this year would I have got up for day 29? probably not!!, will I be back next year? of course…

(Andy Woodrow) Well I finished Day 16 (kms) and that was it – weekends are always going to be a struggle as I do 95% of my running going to and from work. I started out with ever increasing laps around my block, which is an inconvenient lap of 970 metres – so by Day 5 I was ending sufficiently far down the road to go back to the run-commute. From there it was basically a question of adding 500m each way until the end of the month, surely? We had a good cold spell with plenty of snow (I love running in the snow…I didn’t move to Scandinavia for warm winters) and this also enabled a few good Kodak moments as well as a series of ‘Uninspiring photos from my run’ type pics. I don’t normally run with a phone but at least when I am old I will now be able to remember what my commute looked like. Very much enjoyed the various comments and posts on this page over the weeks too! Distance wise I covered the distance each day, but in the end it was the lack of time that put a stop to it…see you next year!

(Andrea Stewart) 3rd year in it, 1st year miles, 2nd year switched to km around day 21, this year miles. My friend Skeeter Whitman participated the first 2 years “under the radar” but made the total mileage. This year he was official. Typically we did as much as possible at our respective homes, then finishing off with a walk at lunch or sometime during the day. Skeeter was walking the miles, so it became fairly challenging as the days went on. He was reduced to multi-tasking by eating quick meals in the bathtub! Lol! He was also walking his rounds of golf on the weekend. On day 25 he forgot his fitbit but didn’t realize it until the 8th hole, omg! The anguish! He made up the miles even though I told him he didn’t need to, it’s an honor system and he knew the distance. I became obsessed with checking for forgotten items at the middle school (it made me sad and stressed out for the kids and parents!), so I’d go by there every day to run on the track for some of my miles. Meanwhile, Skeeter was getting up earlier and earlier, and by the last day was getting up at midnight. Ugh! We were fortunate to have the best weather ever this February. I was fortunate to have the support of my great and funny friend Skeeter! Thanks to all of you for your support!

(Tim Clapp) I can’t say enough good things about this challenge. This was my first year doing it and having hardly run at all for the past 8 months, it was just what I needed to regain some aerobic strength. I’m a Mile Machine finisher. Getting the flu on day 15 was a real bonus. Lost my appetite and lost quite a bit of weight; mostly fat. I had a hard time recovering from the flu as we moved into the 20s. I’d have a pretty good day followed by a not-so-good day. Finally, on about day 24 or 25, I got ahead of the mileage increase and started feeling strong and running pretty well. When I was running, I would walk .1 miles and run .4 miles over and over. Thanks for all the encouragement from those on this page. Thanks to my wife, who suggested that I do the challenge and then did double duty with her job and the kids (ages 6 & 7, my daughter had her 6th birthday in Feb) so that I would have the time to put in the miles each day. This challenge has been a great launch for my training to run a 24-hour run a week or so after my 60th birthday at the end of April. My goal is to run over 100 miles at that event.

(Graeme (aka Jennifer) Roberts) I really enjoyed the event, even though I had to drop after day 18 of the mile challenge. My goal was to see how far I could get while building my base for a few races I have this year so was running the distances as a single run each day (had split one day due to time constraints of the school run and work). I topped out at over a 100 mile week….my biggest mileage ever. The challenge showed I have a lot more in me than I gave myself credit for, as well as building the mental side of things (just get out the door and run the distance, no excuses….!) Another benefit was the ability just to go out and let myself get lost on new routes and tracks….it kept things fresh and made things more enjoyable. Going forward I’m seeing how long a streak I can keep going, the plan being to keep running daily until at least the end of February next year…incorporating RUYD if it happens again….32 days and counting so far! Massive congratulations to those of you who completed your challenges and I hope to see you all again next year for more fun and games!

The Prizes! (Don’t get your hopes up)

As sorry, there are none. However, we have created a couple of T-Shirts which you are more than welcome to purchase to mark your participation in the event.

Please note these are premium casual T-Shirts (i.e. Not technical running tops) and can be purchased from Teespring which is a website fulfilment site up until the * 12th March 2017 * only.

The “Challenger” T-Shirt is designed for anyone who participated and “The Finisher” T-Shirt is designed for those who complete the challenge. We have kilometre “Kilo Hero” or miles “Mile Machine” versions available.

2017 RUYD Kilo Hero Challenger

2017 RUYD Kilo Hero

2017 RUYD Mile Machine Challenger

2017 RUYD Mile Machine

Please note that no profit is being made on these T-Shirts, we have set these at a minimum cost on the basis of selling 1 of each design.

See you all next year? Maybe? I’m still definitely doing kilometres next year.

2 Responses to “2017 Run Until You Drop Challenge”

  1. 11jhwall

    Very entertaining going back and reading some of this. I was so sick the last 3 days can hardly believe i did finish. A week later and still ill and getting my recovery sleep. Enjoyed meeting everyone on line and cheering you on.

  2. Kay L Scott Leighton

    Came across this while looking for artwork to (finally) print my Hubby’s RUYD 2019 Finisher shirt. Very entertaining – thank you for the memories! I finished Miles in 2016, KMs in 2017, but I’m proudest of finishing Miles in 2018 with a broken foot for the entire month. Looking forward to February 2020!


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