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2016 Phoenix Summer Marathon

2016 Phoenix Summer Marathon Paul Ali 003

A quick report on last weeks Phoenix Summer Marathon. I’ve run several of these Marathon events which take the format of a 4 lap out and back course along the Thames with small (100?) numbers, low-key, friendly and sociable. The organiser Rik also puts on various themed events which we well recommended aswell. If you want to check out the events the website is here

I’m still working my way back to peak fitness since the recent knee injury. Despite running regularly, I’ve not yet reached my regular high (ish) mileage with long runs being the missing element (largely to avoid putting too much strain on the knee).

A quick summary of the event as follows. I went out around a 7.30 – 8m/m pace with several people ahead and pretty much maintained that for the whole race. It was quite a warm day and one or two people looked to be affected by the heat but after spending the last couple of weeks on holidays in Crete and managing some running it didn’t bother me too much. Thanks to Caroline for the company on the first couple of laps.

I managed to maintain the same pace throughout the whole race and gained a few positions as people ahead dropped off their pace for a 3rd place finish out of about 100 runners in a time of 3.19 so ok but some way of PB territory. Despite maintaining the same pace throughout the race, the second half felt more like an effort. So more running to be completed until I’m back to fitness.. and I need to get back down to fighting weight is 10lbs over where I was last year but hoping a couple of lbs of that is holiday bloat! I did notice the warm weather at the end as I was starting to get dehydrated as evidenced by that salty-face stubble look so plenty of (non-alcoholic) hydration took place that afternoon.

Next up is the T184 in a few weeks which is going to be a glorified hike based on current fitness but finishing is the aim after DNF’ing this last time.

Race results here

Strava activity report here

2016 Phoenix Summer Marathon Paul Ali 001

One Response to “2016 Phoenix Summer Marathon”

  1. steve geary

    Good luck for the t184.
    How do you deal with sleep deprivation?
    I did a 100 m run in 25hrs in 2014. So interested in how to balance run time against rest.

    Keep up the goodwork and take it easy!


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