2014 Fetch

These stats probably don’t have any relevance to anyone but me and there will always be people who have run further/longer/faster.

So from a personal interest and comparison perspectice (and following on from last years blog) here are this years confessions of a Garmin owner …


2014 Training Total

Training 2014 2013
Miles Run 3406 3299
Highest Monthly Mileage 432 March 406 August
Lowest Monthly Mileage 142 November 153 November
Total Number of runs 388 368
Total Running Time 564hrs 52mins 572hrs 36mins
Average Pace 9.57m/m 10.25m/m

Pretty similar to last year, nice to see the average pace below 10m/m. 564 hours of running, I could have watched every single episode of The Simpons instead.. twice.


2014 Training Run Types *

Training 2014 2013
Hill Runs 6.7% 5.1%
General Runs 48.7% 69.7%
Long Runs (16m+) 8.4% 2.0%
Medium-Long Runs (8-16m) 6.5% n/a
Intervals/Drills/Tempo 0.3% 0.4%
Race Miles 29.4% 22.7%

This assumes I categorised all my runs accurately. More race miles, a few less “junk’ miles, a few more long runs and a complete lack of any speed sessions. Must try harder on that in 2015.. less than 10m/m pace is a speed session for an ultra runner right?


2014 Race Times

Race 2014 2013
5k 19.44 19.55
Half Marathon 1.33.07 1.29.44
Marathon 3.13.19 3.33.32
30 miler 6.11.00 4.11.00
46 miler 7.44.00 n/a
50 miler 8.17.58 10.07.00
100 miler 18.56.22 22.26.00
145 miler 35.20.00 32.47.00
184 miler DNF at 114 miles n/a

Times on longer distance races are not always a good comparison as events vary and some may be used as training runs. Pleased to see the 100 mile time come down to a more respectable level after acknowledging this was a little soft last year. 3 new PB’s at 5k (shaved a few seconds off), Marathon and the 100 mile distance.


Longest Run Streak

33 March & April (31 days December) (although currently on 32 days thanks to last years “Marcothon” effort)



Thanks to www.fetcheveryone.com for the training tools (I do use Strava aswell though) which helped produce all these stats and my trusty Garmin 310XT. Happy New Year everyone!