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2014 Endure 24 Course Preview

The Endure 24 event is only 3 weeks away and the team have been busy behind the scenes preparing Wasing Park for the arrival of over 2,000 runners plus supporters on the weekend.

The infrastructure and layout will be slightly changed this year with additional fields being used to accommodate the extra volumes of people. In addition a dedicated short term car park area will be marked for those people (or supporters) who may be required to leave and re-enter the Park during the weekend. The aim is for the majority of people who camp out for the weekend to park next to their camping spot and not move for the weekend to minimise the volume of traffic driving in and out of the estate.

The course itself has been modified from previous years with the major change being the elimination of part of the route through the field which previously weaved around the campsite (yes, the lumpy bit on the field is being removed). This has resulted in more of the route taking place along the forested section to make sure the 5 mile distance is maintained.

The Endure 24 team have already started work on preparing the course. For your benefit Race Director Chris Sumner kindly gave up some of his time and provided me with access to the course to enable the following course video preview to be put together.

Therefore for your viewing pleasure, we have shot the following video “on the fly” with Chris and I running the route so you can have a look at the exact route and conditions you will be running in a few weeks’ time. We have also provided a bit of a commentary about the event for those with an insatiable thirst for details.

I should just point out that the course preparation work has only just started and there is more cutting, strimming, chain-sawing and sweeping to take place to prepare the course fully for all the runners. In addition, the course will also be fully marked and marshalled on the day itself.

I hope you enjoy the sneak preview video of the course and we look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks’ time! If you enjoyed my series of blogs then please come and say hello, I will be participating in a 5 person team with a few friends under the imaginatively titled company team name of “Team Covéa Insurance”.

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