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Confessions of a Garmin Owner (2013 The Stats)

2013 Fetch Stats

I went out for my last run of the year this morning. Despite a number of years running experience I made the fatal mistake of not “emptying the tank” prior to the run and 5 miles into a 10 mile run it started to feel uncomfortable downstairs. By mile 9 it was near total desperation as I gritted my teeth to make the final mile back to my house for a much needed use of the toilet.

A few minutes later I spotted my house, my moments of desperation were nearly over. I grabbed the house key from my pocket as I ran the last few yards to save a few seconds of time opening the front door so I could make a quick dash to the bathroom.

As I arrived at the door I glanced at my Garmin…. 9.92 miles done. Dammit!

Despite the grimace on my face (and clenched buttocks) I set off for an additional 0.08 of a mile to make it a round 10-mile run.

You see, I like my stats and thanks to the Fetcheveryone website for providing the free tools to track and recount all of my running stats, a summary for the is listed below.

I have already blogged about my running year here if you are interested in the more descriptive summary of my year.

Miles Run in 2013: 3,299 (aaarrrgggghhhhhh!)

Highest monthly mileage: 406 August

Lowest monthly mileage: 153 November

Number of individual runs: 368

Total Time spent running: 572 hours, 36 mins, 47 seconds

Average Pace: 10:25 minutes/mile

Run Types:

Hill Work 5.1%

General Running 69.7%

Long Runs 2.0%

Intervals 0.2%

Drills 0.2%

Race Miles 22.7%

Races Completed in 2013: 19/19

Race Distance Breakdown:

2 x 10k

2 x 13.1 miles

1 x 25 miles (lapped relay)

3 x 26.2 miles

1 x 30 miles

1 x 50 km

2 x 40 miles

2 x 45 miles

1 x 50 miles

1 x 100 miles

1 x 145 miles

1 x 250 miles

1 x 153 miles

2013 Personal Bests: 11 (8 Beating old times, 3 new race distances run)

5k                                19:55

10k                             41:06

Half Marathon           1:29:44

30 Miles                     4:11:00

50 km                         4:14:00

40 miles                     6:23:57

45 miles                     6:49:30

100 miles                   22:26:00 (a bit soft I think)

145 miles                   32:47:00

153 miles                   35:07:00

250 miles                   82:41:00

Longest run streak: 31 days (December)

If “Sue” removes her “rogue” 4,000 mile run one day in December. I may even stay on Page 1 of the Fetch Mileage league aswell.

Happy New Year everyone!

2 Responses to “Confessions of a Garmin Owner (2013 The Stats)”

  1. paul

    Great stats! Get back out and do that extra mile today, that would drive me nuts!
    As I said before, that looks like a remarkable year. I was surprised to see long runs make up only 2% of your total….is that because a) your long runs are recorded as races and b) you otherwise just log them as ‘general runs’?
    Best wishes for 2014. If mine is 25% as successful as your 2013 I’ll be happy!

    • ultraavon

      Looking at this, the % should be a bit higher so I probably haven’t categorised each run accurately. However, I do run lots of short runs during the week and just do the occasional long run (over 16 miles) perhaps once or twice a month using other events as long training runs.


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