A new 10k event (the Royal Berkshire 10k) is being established in Reading next May.  To promote and launch the event a Green Park Relay challenge was organised with local running clubs, companies and groups (including a team from the local radio station Heart FM) were invited to submit a 4 man team with each person running just over 1.5 miles each (i.e. a 10k between the team).

Green Park Relay Covea Insurance 01

Team Covea Insurance A

Green Park Relay Covea Insurance 02

Team Covea Insurance B

I submitted two mixed teams from my company imaginatively named “Covea Insurance A” (Paul Ali, Hannah Dixon, Dean Letchford and Indy Sindhu) and “Covea Insurance B” (Susie Davey, Graham Donoghue, Andy Kerswill and Ian Newman).

Everyone in both teams gave a good level of effort and dashed around as quickly as they could before “high-fiving” the next person who then set off. Dean Letchford gave our team a good start smashing out his leg at a fast pace followed by solid efforts from both Indy and Hannah who then handed over to me for the final leg.

Green Park Relay Paul Ali 01

I put in a half decent effort (for an Ultra plodder) averaging just under 6m/m (5.57m/m) which was probably the quickest I’ve run in a while and was thankful it was only just over 1.5 miles! With the spread of people I only really saw 1 person out on the course so it was hard to keep pushing when there was no-one to try and chase down although we did end up 4th out of 21 mixed teams.

Green Park Relay Paul Ali 03

Covea Insurance B also put in a good effort and came 5th out of the 21 mixed teams.

The relay was followed by a BBQ and drinks courtesy of the Race Organisers along with a T-shirt and Water bottles for all the participants.

It was a really good lunchtime event and everyone who participated really enjoyed the challenge. It was a good way to promote the launch of a new event in the local area.

The Green Park Royal Berkshire 10k event takes place on the 18th May 2014 and the website can be found here.

Green Park Relay Covea Insurance 03

Green Park Relay Paul Ali 02