UltrAspire Fastpack Review

The UltrAspire Fastpack can be considered the big brother of the UltrAspire Kinetic as both packs share much of the same design, the key difference being the addition of the rear compartment and overall bigger size of the Fastpack. 
The Fastpack as suggested in the name is designed for use where the prime consideration is to carry kit and equipment as opposed to speed. 


As with the other UltrAspire packs, the design is based on a race vest harness, which fits comfortably over the body and is made from a breathable mesh type material.
The top right hand side (as worn) of the harness features a small “Magnon Electrolyte Pocket” which snaps open and shut quickly through the use of a magnet and is designed to hold small items.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review

UltrAspire Fastpack Review
The lower right hand side of the harness features a small mesh pouch with a thick drawstring cord for the pouch, which can be used to carry a small bottle.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
The top left hand side of the harness contains a small mesh pouch and elasticated band of material to carry a small item requiring easy access (such as a pair of shades). This also contains a small clip to hold the pipe from a hydration bladder although this is not supplied with the pack.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
Below this sits a zipped pouch, which is large enough for a mobile phone or head torch. The zip is contains 3cm of cord and a plastic clip to make it easy to open the pouch when wearing gloves for example. On top of this sits an outer mesh pocket for small items.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
The harness is secured by a small “speed hook”aluminiumclip across the sternum and a second larger “speed hook” clip across the waist. Both of these straps are adjustable allowing you to tighten or loosen the fit of the race vest. The hooks are fitted on opposite sides so the pressure is evenly split in two different directions. I did find the space for the hooks initially a little stiff but these are likely to loosen through use.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
There are two additional pockets on the waist. The first is a zipped pocket on the right and the second is a mesh pocket, which provide additional locations to store gels, mobile, sweets etc.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
The rear of the pack contains a large quick stash mesh pocket. This is clipped onto a large zipped pocket on the rear of the pack at the top. This pocket contains a small key hook inside along with a two small dividers in the pouch.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
UltrAspire Fastpack Review

The main compartment offers plenty of space to hold kit and equipment and is accessed by unclipping the top pocket. A separate zip is also housed here, which allows easy access to your equipment.

UltrAspire Fastpack Review
At the rear of the pack are two foam insulated padded bottle holders positioned at an angle to allow you to reach these whilst on the run. The pack comes with two bottles with an angled head and finger hooks to allow easy removal whilst on the run. The angled head can be turned to face the inside if there is a concern over your elbows brushing the bottle head.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
In addition, the pack contains a large inner sleeve which is separate from the main rear compartment and a hook at the top and can be used to hold a hydration bladder if you wish.
UltrAspire Fastpack Review
The hard foam insulation allows the bottles to slide in easily. As with the UltrAspire Kinetic I tried a Raidlight bottle and a Camelbak Podium Chill bottle both of which were slightly narrower than the UltrAspire bottle. All bottles fitted easily, although the narrower bottles were not as snug as the UltrAspire ones. The tall size of the bottle holder means none of these are likely to fall out in any case. 
The race vest can be further adjusted by a single strap under the right arm, which goes under the arms and around the body at the back. 


The Fastpack is appears to be designed to support fast packing or speed hiking type scenarios where there is an element of self-sufficiency and kit carrying requiredments. In terms of Ultra racing, the closest use I can think of is a Marathon Des Sables type event where the 16L capacity may be put to good use. The key strength of the Fastpack is its comfortable fit and large capacity although this would suggest its use is not for shorter distance events.

Product Features 

* Soft, fully breathable, lite weight mesh hip support featuring bio designed optimum efficiency.

* Light weight adjustable Speed Hook™ attachment.

* Low profiled dimensional zippered pouch on each side of waist piece that does not impede natural arm movement.

* Quick stash right pocket is large enough to hold a spare bottle or other essentials and it uniformly compresses with cord.

* Patent pending Magnon Electrolyte Pocket™ with easy worry free magnet closure.

* Light weight zippers pulls easily grabbed even with gloves, cold or numb fingers.

* Left mesh pocket over zippered inner pocket for securely stowing nighttime accessories, energy foods and other necessary gear.

* Roomy upper back quick stash with buckle closure for quick and easy access.

* Ergo aligned and angled bottle holsters allow for ease of access; plus, patent pending* new feature aids return of bottle between usages, keeps bottle in proper position and aids stability.

* Comes standard with two 26 oz InSpirAtion Human finger loop bottles.

* Weight: 640 grams

* Volume: 1000 c.i. (16.39 liters)


Available colors: Red
Product link: http://www.ultramarathonrunningstore.com/UltrAspire-FASTPACK-Backpack-Race-Vest-p/ua503.htm