2011 Wicksteed Recovery Run

I took part in the Wicksteed Recovery Run with my buddy Frank today.

It was an early start particularly on a New Years Day for the 2hr drive to Kettering and we were greeted with gathering clouds and the promise of wet weather later as we arrived.

It was a fairly low key event with around 500 (estimated) people taking part in a 5k, 10k or Half Marathon run. Unfortunately, due to flooding in one area there was a last minute diversion for the Half Marathon runners which made the route sound slightly confusing as you were doing multiple laps of the 5k route but starting in a different direction. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad when you got underway.

The run took you around Wicksteed Park and then a loop around the neighbouring estate, there were a few undulations thrown in but nothing too severe. The run itself wasn’t that exciting and you had the usual ups and downs when you run the same loop a number of times (1st loop – “excitement”, 2nd loop – “not this again” and the 3rd loop – “we’re on the final lap!”). The promised wet weather did come although this was limited to fine rain which meant a gradual soaking over the course of the race.

I put in a reasonable effort particularly after my Xmas eating excesses and finished in 1.44.34 which was only about 3 mins over a PB time and Frank finished in 2.22 which wasn’t bad bearing in mind he hadn’t run for quite a while and under his targeted 2.30. I had set the Garmin (a Xmas pressie) for 8.30 mins/mile as a target and averaged about 8 mins/mile although it did bleep angrily at each hill I ran, but overall I was pleased with my effort and the run felt fairly comfortable the whole way.

I did like the fact that the run took you past the car park, so I could enjoy my pot noodle and lunch in a warm and dry car as Frank jogged his way home at the end, which saved me standing in the rain.

The event was ok, but could have done with some better organisation, more marshalls (although the volunteers there did a fair job) and more assistance at the water station. There were some logistical challenges trying to organise 3 different races at once and it may be an idea to focus just on the 10k or Half Marathon option in future.

Still the attraction of the race was to kick start 2011 with an event and I’m pleased to have completed it but not sure I’ll do it again as it did involve a 2 hr drive there and back which was a bit of an effort.

2011 Wicksteed Recovery Run

2011 Wicksteed Recovery Run